blue line

For many years extraordinary treasures lay hidden, until gentle persuasions led Robert Marlon to reveal his uniquely crafted artistry, designed to tickle and tantalize the imagination. Savor his unmatched, distinctive style as you navigate through his assemblage of visual delights.

Rob’s fascination with artistic expression initially surfaced in childhood. Natural inclinations to dabble developed into the desire to produce visual spectacles, whether it be sketching, building, sculpting, design, photography or music.

After obtaining a Communication Degree, focused on Marketing and Advertising, Rob set out to further his studies. Subsequently, he earned a second degree in Graphic Illustration and Design at Platt College in Los Angeles, gaining a deeper appreciation for art, while enhancing his technical skills. Having been formally trained in the visual arts, he expertly displays the ability to produce mesmerizing imagery which vibrate with life, passion and enthusiasm.

The drive and inspiration for Rob’s art comes from his desire to demonstrate action, movement and meaning from each of his works. Robert’s intense and dramatic creations emerge as he masterfully manipulates our perspective with light, texture, shape and color. Rob’s gift for conquering the complexities of mixed arts is unleashed in the dazzling visualizations, as illustrated in his collective works. Enter into his provocative playpen as you indulge in the intoxicating pleasures that tease the senses. Come elevate the mind and entertain the spirit…