Take a walk on the wild side and experience an intoxicating glimpse into animal nature. The bold use of animal hides and earth tones in this series depict the innate nature of both man and beast. Inspired by nature’s ability to maintain harmony amongst chaos, ANIMAL INSTINCT portrays the delicate balance necessary for living and thriving in an unforgiving domain.


This unique series was inspired by the artist’s interest in the Bronze Age, leading to the influence of textiles and metals in his creations. The essence of bas-relief and Trompe l’oeil are masterfully forged in this contemporary representation of three-dimensional imagery. Become engaged in the playful illusions of the BRONZED series.


Enter this space-time odyssey and travel through our universe and beyond, beginning with The Big Bang Theory’s “A Moment in Time” to the spiritual journey of “Awakening”.  Experience the accelerating expansion of the universe as depicted in the haunting presence of “World of Illusion”. From subatomic to super galactic, COSMOS ignites both calm and chaos.


Welcome into the realm of vibrant and colorful imagery as featured in the series, “DEL ARCO IRIS”. Embrace the spiritual journey that unfolds as you experience this unique visual interpretation of creation and the ongoing challenge of mankind’s struggle with the forces of good and evil. The pure beauty of the rainbow, and its magnificent palette, inspired the daring use of brilliant coloration. This spectacular array is displayed as God’s sign representing His promise of hope to humanity in a sometimes dark and dismal world.


Dance to the drums of “Exotic Rhythms” and delve into the hypnotic trance of “Calypso’s Spell”. Finding one’s own peace and contentment in an idyllic place or state of mind inspired the vibrant series, DISCOVERING PARADISE. Whether it is an urban jungle or expansive rainforest, secluded beach or Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival, paradise is personal and yours to discover. Embark to your own Shangri-La.


The infusion of pure intrigue, sculpted waves and signature spirals create a potent energy that lends to the inspiration of the series, SPELLBOUND. Commanding attention are the mesmerizing “Chrome Solstice” and captivating surreal rendition of the American flag, “Color of Angels”. Transport yourself into the enchanted realm of SPELLBOUND.


Prepare to be sun kissed by embracing the sun’s warmth and radiant gaze in the fiery series, SUN DAZE. Inspired by the sun’s eminent importance for life on earth, SUNDAZE blazes with blistering energy. Here comes the sun…


Reach for the sky by exploring the diverse series, THE BLUES. The cool calm vastness of “Blue Skies” personifies tranquility while “Blue Steel” proves a force to be reckoned with in its impressive four-panel monumental display. Inspired by the search for truth, serenity and harmony, THE BLUES takes us on an unforgettable journey. Rise to atmospheric heights and find your destiny.


Take the plunge into WATER WORKS and experience the gentle ebb and flow of “Making Waves”, calming ripple effect of “Ocean Blue” and fierce, undeniable power of “Sand N’ Surf”. This series glistens in hues from sapphire to ultramarine, creating a feeling of physical regeneration and spiritual renewal. WATER WORKS was inspired by the critical role water plays in our survival as witnessed in the antiquity of our deep oceans and ongoing vitality of life. Immerse yourself in these purifying mystical waters and discover its classical elegance.


Follow your heart through the captivating imagery and creative display of love’s magical moments, where initial attraction and lustful pleasures are embraced by lover’s bliss. As the euphoric mist of love and passion clears, we find ourselves seduced by intrigue and mystery. We become emotionally invested in the search for “The One”. Inspired by the essence of true love and partnership, WILD AT HEART comes alive.


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